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Client proximity

With our managed IT services, we build lasting, trusted relationships by embedding operations within your metro markets and working together to advance our shared communities. Our experts draw on a diverse global network to bring the right talent, innovation, and scale to every engagement. Using a collaborative style and consultative approach, we help you achieve the highest returns on your digital investments.

Industry expertise with deep expertise in technologies and the industries we serve, our consultants help navigate complex challenges with practical solutions. We develop blueprints that map your industry’s operating architecture to our offering roadmap to ensure we customize and adapt solutions for your unique needs. As industry lines continue to blur, we also bring forward lessons learned and innovative solutions from our work across industries. End-to-end services and solutions.

Our secure and flexible end-to-end services include business and strategic IT consulting, systems integration, managed IT and business process services, and intellectual property (IP) solutions. Our consulting capabilities help clients drive sustainable value, while our systems integration services advance clients’ IT modernization efforts.

Our managed IT and business process services help clients achieve cost savings and drive transformation, while our IP portfolio is embedded across all services to provide highly configurable “business platforms as a service,” including advanced AI capabilities.

Managed IT services that go beyond outsourcing

Early outsourcing goals focused on lowering costs, executives today seek a trusted partner to also help increase business agility—a competitive differentiator in a digital world.

At ETS, we refer to outsourcing as managed services because we work as an extension of your organization to manage an increasingly complex environment of technology, processes, systems, and software.

Managed IT services are about delivering value and are key to building the robust IT supply chain required to increase agility, scalability, and resilience. These are prerequisites to enhance the user experience, optimize operations, reduce costs, and embed security and data privacy. In our managed services partnerships, we also help connect front- and back-end systems and processes to speed innovative products and services to market, across all touchpoints.

ETS trusted to deliver outcomes

Clients trust us as a capable and accountable partner. We assume service risks while adjusting to your evolving priorities and continually find ways to improve productivity. We adapt our best-in-class methodologies, tools, and processes to your specific environment to meet performance commitments and cost controls.

The benefits of our outcome-based approach include delivery of pre-defined results, predictable pricing, significant short-term and long-term cost savings, enhanced supplier commitment, increased innovation and operational excellence, higher quality, faster time-to-market, and reduced risks.


Business Consulting

Think boldly and act pragmatically by connecting strategy to execution and bridging competing imperatives, we help clients think boldly and act pragmatically through business and strategic IT consulting.

In today’s volatile business climate, industry leaders are acting on several fronts, including rethinking business models, navigating uncertainty, pursuing sustainable growth, embracing digital innovation, and cultivating a positive workplace culture that attracts and retains talent.

We help them balance these competing demands, adapt and thrive in any market condition, and build long-term business and societal value through four key consulting capabilities—business strategy, human-centered transformation, customer/citizen value, operational excellence, digital leadership, and CIO agenda.

Further, within each of these four capabilities, we offer end-to-end advisory services that address C-level challenges, as well as evolving business demands and today’s broader macro trends.


In-depth industry knowledge and experience
With in-depth industry knowledge and experience, our business consultants understand your unique market opportunities and collaborate closely with you to design a meaningful strategy that combines your long-term corporate purpose with agile decision-making and action. We help you to solve your business challenges and achieve your business goals.

Close collaboration
We work side-by-side with you to understand and unlock the full potential of your organization and talent. Our business consultants help you to design and build flexible and resilient business and operating models. We also deliver critical change management that enables your digital success.

Trusted partnership
As trusted advisors, we provide the business insight, leadership, and innovation required to help you build a human-centered organization that holistically integrates business, technology, and culture to drive your performance. We collaborate with you to ideate, iterate, and implement at every stage of your transformation journey.

End-to-end capabilities
Taking full advantage of our end-to-end capabilities, we help decision-makers decipher emerging technology trends, drive actionable innovation, and create competitive advantage as digital leaders.


Systems Integration

Seamlessly connecting the end-to-end digital enterprise

Our systems integration services enable seamless and secure experiences for your customers and citizens, from the back office through to the front office.

The need for expert integration services in today’s digital world is more urgent than ever. As organizations seek to deliver seamless services that extend from their core systems to modern customer-facing apps, they are bringing in data and functionality from more and more sources, both internal and external.

Additionally, customers and citizens have much greater visibility into the end-to-end supply chain. As a result, organizations must ensure the quality integration of their mission-critical systems, from ensuring accuracy and integrity along the way to providing robust security and data privacy.

CGI has decades of experience in bringing together systems and technologies for clients. This includes integrating critical data coming from traditional sources as well as emerging ones, such as the Internet of Things and social media.


Application services

Maximizing the value of your business applications

From industry and technology expertise to solutions and tooling, our full range of application management services helps you drive strategic business outcomes

30+ years of experience in application development and maintenance services

§ Empowered local teams backed by global resources with a strong track record of quality delivery and high client satisfaction

§ Flexible, best-fit global delivery model, including onsite, onshore, nearshore, and offshore options

§ Standardized productivity tools and processes

§ Integrated, end-to-end service process model focused on business objectives and outcomes

§ Predictable, measurable, transparent, and outcome-based pricing model

§ Enhanced scalability for on/off-boarding of resources.

Infrastructure services

Helping you become a truly digital organization

Through our end-to-end infrastructure services, we help you optimize operations to drive performance and achieve your digital transformation goals.

Making the transition to the next generation of IT services

Digital transformation requires modern, agile infrastructure as a foundational platform to enable:

  • Higher levels of service and security
  • Business-IT convergence to focus on key processes across channels and devices
  • Manageability and a solid governance framework
  • Blending legacy with modern, while supporting a virtualized, distributed hybrid IT environment.



Business Process Services

Using smart operations to drive superior outcomes

Through intelligent automation, industry expertise, and data insights, our business process services (BPS) help you build smart operations that deliver superior outcomes.

We deliver smart operations through a suite of technology-enabled business process services and solutions that blend human, automated, and AI delivery.

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